A pure feeling!
My work captures life’s special moments from a mystic aspect.  It is almost like magic!  I document the simple beauty that is everywhere as long as we open our eyes to it.  My creativity is supported by discipline, dedication and nourished by an authentic artistic vision.

I love spending time with my two children, the freedom of traveling and being involved in photographing projects that inspire me. 

I have an admiration for elegance with a touch of diversity.  I enjoy a good sense of humour with an innocent childish rudeness and maternal kindness at the same time.  However, I like being discreet and constantly present using art and skills simultaneously. I studied photography in London at the University of Westminster and this is where I had my first taste in wedding photography.

“No one is you and that is your power.”


There are so many options out there, why should we hire you?

I like to live by the moto “No one is you and that is your power.” It is a matter of chemistry at the end of the day. Previous clients like to describe me as a “person with a beautiful aura”. I possess a combination of skills and experience that make me stand out and deliver results full of emotions.

What type of couples do you consider to be a good fit?

Truly in love! Full Sentimental!! Two people choosing to walk in this together, keep their individuality but still choose to love each other every day, again and again! And all over again!

What are your prices and packages?

I would love to discuss the rates with you. Please get it touch through my contact me page to email me your details about your wedding. If I am available for your date, I will be happy to send you my rates about your wedding. If needed, there are custom made possibilities to fit to your needs.

We are so awkward in front of the camera, will you help us pose?

Yes, of course! I understand that you may not have experience in being photographed professionally. Through my easy-going nature and shooting style, I promise to make it as fun and relaxed as possible. Usually, at the end my clients tell me “We enjoyed it! Well, it wasn’t as bad as we thought!”

How many photos should we expect after a wedding?

I start by selecting the photos that I want to work with (roughly about 300-350). I edit them and deliver them in high resolution on a USB memory stick. Some couples also want to have a photobook. Please get in touch for more information about the Deluxe Photobook Series, Phocaeus Photography is offering.

Do you also photograph baptisms?

Yes, I do. Even though a baptism is a very different cup of tea from a wedding, as the attention is entirely on the child. Having my own children helps me relate to the baptized child stepping in with a dual role.

Do you work alone?

It depends. I like to bring at least one other photographer to photograph the entire day with me! If you have a large or logistically unfeasible wedding, I might have extra shooters/assistants. I always make sure that I am well-staffed and well-equipped to have your wedding captured fully!

Let's work together

I love authenticity, every couple’s story and uniqueness. I truly enjoy getting to know what is the “special glue” that sticks the couple together. I call it the “stardust”. I find myself extremely privileged to be part of your day and I cherish your moments.